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Speaking with a local York, Pennsylvania lawyer can put your mind at ease and get you the compensation you deserve.Suffering an injury or losing a loved one to a wrongful death is a horrible event. When this happens, families deserve monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. While hiring a lawyer may seem too expensive, that is actually not the case. York trial lawyers offer free consultations and generally work for free unless they win your case for you.

How much do York Trial Lawyers charge?

Most York trial attorneys work entirely on contingency, which means their clients pay nothing until they win their case. The York trial attorney pays all expenses and shoulders the risk as a case moves forward. Call one of the York trial attorneys listed on this site for a free initial consultation.

A contingency fee agreement is an arrangement that allows a client to hire a lawyer even if he or she does not have the money to pay up front. A client can avoid paying their York trial attorney at the beginning of a case by hammering out a contingency agreement in which they agree to pay the attorney a percentage of the amount eventually awarded to the client if they win the case. Each contingency agreement is different, and the specifics of payment will be dictated by the circumstances and by state law.

The contingency agreement should be reduced to writing and signed by the client. In every state, including Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are rules governing the fee. Some states make the client responsible for the expenses regardless of a recovery (partial contingency fee). In other states, the client pays no expenses if there is no recovery. In these  states, you will generally see statements such as "No fee If no recovery."

No lawyer may charge a clearly excessive fee. To determine if a fee is excessive, most states look to whether a reasonable attorney would view such a fee as excessive. Sometimes the complexity of the case might also be taken into account. Please check with an experienced York trial attorney to determine what they specifically charge and make sure to inquire if they take their fee percentage before the reduction of expenses or after the reduction of expenses. On this topic, there are some states that have enacted rules and regulations which govern how a trial lawyer can calculate their contingency fee.

Factors in Determining Whether a Contingency Fee is Excessive

  • The time and labor required by the York Trial Attorney
  • Whether the York attorney will accept other employment by a different client in the same matter
  • The time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances of the case
  • The experience, reputation, and ability of the York lawyer or York trial firm
  • The novelty and difficulty of the questions involved
  • The skill requisite to perform the legal service properly
  • The difficulty of the questions involved in the York legal claim
  • Whether the fee is fixed or contingent on results obtained
  • The amount involved and the results obtained
  • The fee customarily charged in York, or Pennsylvania, for similar legal services
  • the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client
  • The uncertainty of collection before the legal services have been rendered

Usually, at the end of the case, your lawyer will provide a complete accounting of all monies spent and received.

York trial lawyers and York law firms are experienced in handling Pennsylvania court cases. Contact your York lawyer now.

Attorneys' fees for York Trial Attorneys — Contingency Fees vs. Hourly Rates

Many York trial lawyers prefer contingency agreements over hourly rates because they are more efficient. Contingency fees align the York injury attorney’s priorities with the client's since both will benefit from a large award. Working on contingency also encourages a trial lawyer to keep expenses down.  A person who has been harmed by pollution or a faulty product might not have the money to hire a talented York trial lawyer up front, but the contingency fee agreement allows that person to do so.

York trial lawyers can also charge hourly rates. In this fee arrangement, the client agrees to pay a set amount for each hour the York personal injury lawyer works until the case is resolved. Sometimes, a trial lawyer may charge a retainer, or a flat fee that is paid up front.


Many expenses are associated with a lawsuit. There are fees for filing a case, court costs, fees associated with conducting depositions such as travel expenses, expert witness fees, as well as fees for copying and other routine tasks. In a contingency arrangement, these costs are initially borne by the York trial lawyer. However, in some states clients are responsible for the expenses. Discuss this with your York trial attorney up front!

What costs will definitely be incurred in a Pennsylvania lawsuit?

(1) Filing Fees. Whenever a lawsuit is initiated, it needs to be "filed." York trial lawyers determine where your lawsuit should be filed using legal principles called "jurisdiction" and "venue."

When a lawsuit is "filed," there will be a filing fee. Filing fees vary from state to state, county to county (or parish to parish in Louisiana). Lawsuits filed in federal court also have associated filing fees. Filing fees are usually set by what is commonly referred to as a Court Clerk.

The clerks in York, York County, Pennsylvania, are as follows:

Court Clerks in York County, Pennsylvania

York City Clerk
1 Marketway West, 3rd Floor
York, PA 17401
(717) 849-2246

York County Clerk of Court
York County Judicial Center
45 North George Street
York, PA 17401
(717) 771-9612

(2) Service of Process Fees - Once the lawsuit is filed, it must be "served" upon the Defendant. There are many ways to "serve" a filed York lawsuit, but the preferred way is literally "in hand." There are companies that specifically do this work, but they charge a fee. This difficulty of making service will determine how much your York trial attorney is charged. Here are some York companies that will serve your lawsuit on the person or company you are suing:

Process Servers that Will Serve a Lawsuit in York

Clear Docket Inc
3915 Union Deposit Road 441
Harrisburg, PA 17109
‎(717) 233-3445

Many other costs and expenses will also be incurred in the prosecution or defense of your York lawsuit. However, unless there is some form of "paupers" waiver granted by a court, your York trial lawyer will incur a filing fee and service of process fee.

Class Action Fees

In a class action lawsuit, lawyers representing the class of plaintiffs are usually paid a percentage of the pool of money they recover for their clients. Sometimes, York class action trial lawyers are paid by the people who hired them or by the companies they are suing. Fees in a class action lawsuit are typically subject to court review and approval.

York Trial Lawyer Practice Areas

York trial attorneys handle many different types of cases. Basically any case that could be tried in court could also be handled by a trial lawyer. These cases could include:

  • personal injury
  • contract litigation
  • intellectual property litigation
  • construction litigation
  • products defect cases
  • medical negligence and doctor malpractice
  • stockbroker and real estate agent malpractice and fraud
  • employment disputes and wrongful termination
  • insurance litigation
  • white color crime
  • premises liability
  • class action and MDL cases
  • business litigation

Debt Counselors in and around York

If you have been severely injured, you may experience financial difficulties while you wait for your lawsuit to proceed. There are several debt counselors in the York and York County areas that can work out a plan for paying off your debt and help you juggle your bills during this tough financial time.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service
970 South George Street
York, PA 17403
‎(888) 511-2227

Keystone Credit Repair
1561 East Market Street
York, PA 17403
(717) 718-2226

A American Debt Consolidation
3027 East Market Street
York, PA 17402
‎(717) 845-5827

Credit Repair
3027 East Market Street
York, PA 17402
‎(717) 845-5827

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